Leadership Development

Churches and Christian organisations want to grow, and they are growing
Growing organisations need good leaders.
Good leaders are hard to come, and usually overloaded.
Many leaders have good ministry gifts and skills, but underdeveloped leadership capabilities.
(That is, they know what has to be done and how to do it, but struggle getting others to do it.)
Too often, the availability of a person has more impact on their selection as a leader than their capability as a leader.
Most leaders really do want to be effective leaders.

After seeing leaders for whom we were responsible burnout in our own local church, we set out to break the pattern. At that time there was not a lot available for leadership itself, and many leadership courses gave a lot more expertise in the ministry area, but not as much with actual leadership skills itself.

Our aim is to complement ministry gifts and skills with leadership skills.

Chazown Leadership Development Seminars do not develop specific ministry areas. They develop leadership skills which should be added to a persons existing ministry expertise to make them effective in their leadership. Our material has been drawn from a wide range of sources, but the benchmark has always been how effective the principles have been in actual practice in Christian organisations..

Based on our direct experience in senior levels of leadership in churches and in industry, and from observations of other co-leaders, we identified 55 topics that were important for leaders, and then organised them in a diagram to show the relationships between them all. This diagram shows that the foundation for all of these topics was Love, and that Love is actually the basis other topics such as Vision, Goal Setting, Integrity, Communications, and so on. The topic that was dependant on all of the others was Change Management. That helps understand why effective change is so difficult. That topic list is now the basis for all our Leadership Development Seminars. We will deliver seminars on whatever topics meet the needs of those requestingthe seminar - it is not necessary to start at the beginning and work through to the end, but because the topic chart gives us the context for a particular topic, we know what areas need to be reviewed or summarised  in order to get full value from the seminar.

Further informationIf you want to organise a Leadership Development Seminar for your church or organisation, please contact us via email and we will work out the best way to meet your requirements.

Leadership Resources

Please feel free to look at and use these resources, but be aware that they are all copyright in some way. Please contact us first before using to check on copyright clearances. As a mater of integrity, under no circumstances should these resources be modified in any way without our explicit approval.

We offer these resources free to the body of Christ as we understand both that many organisations with a leadership challenge also have financial challenges, and that in any circumstance that Jehovah Jireh is our provider. If you wish to be an agent in the provision process, we do accept donations. Please contact us us for further details.

Title Type Description
Topic Map pdf file This is a pdf file with a diagram showing the relationships between the 55 leadership topics that we have identified.