If Jesus Came Today...


It is so very easy to be wise when we have history on our side. How many times have we said something like, "What I should have done was...", or, "If only I knew then what I know now." Very often events that are confusing or unclear at the time appear with startling clarity afterwards, and too often we judge those in history from this same perspective. We know the full story. We know the beginning and the end, and from our position of a spectator, we can all too easily know all the right answers. However, what would really happen if it were us in the middle of those events? Would we really behave any differently to the historical characters, or might we even make worse choices?

There is no way that we can go back in time to understand these things, but by using some sanctified imagination, we can retell these same stories as if they  happened in our time. This is a collection of stories that try to imagine what would have happened if Jesus had arrived in the current century rather than the first. In reading these stories, try to put yourself in the place of those familiar biblical characters, and consider their hopes and aspirations rather than the dry historical "facts". Hopefully the end result will move our Christianity from the theoretical into the practical in a way that makes a real difference both in this life and the next, and when you next read the correct historical version, there will be understanding with the heart as well as the head.

The Stories

  Maxwell Blake


  The Kinlayson's

  Alive, but...

  The Widow's Offering